KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01


MRP ₹3,450.00


KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01
Cooking on a gas-top is not only time-consuming but also inconvenient. Now, forget the traditional way of cooking with the all-new KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01. An environment-friendly appliance, KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01 is a portable device so that you can enjoy comfortable cooking.

8 Preset Menu
For the convenience of the users, KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01 comes with an 8 pre-set menu functions. All you need to do is select the desired function on the appliance with a single touch. The appliance adjusts the heat according to the food you cook, without any manual intervention.

Keep Warm Function
No one enjoys a plateful of cold food after a hard day at work. This is the reason why the induction cooktop comes with a unique keep warm function so that you enjoy hot and delicious food any time.

Turbo Cooking
Mornings can be hectic, especially when you need to prepare lunch for the entire family. Taking this into consideration, KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01 has a unique turbo cooking function which helps in cooking faster.

Overheating Protection
There may be times when you may forget to switch off the Induction Cooktop KAG-01 and remove the cooking vessel. To avoid such accidents, KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01 is equipped with overheat protection. If the pan or pot gets too hot, the cooktop automatically switches off and an alarm goes off. The appliance will be easy to use again after a few minutes.

Easy to Clean
Cleaning the conventional gas stoves is a tough task. This is the reason why KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01 has a flat cooking surface which makes it easy to clean the appliance.


Model Name KENT Induction Cooktop KAG-01
Model Number 16036
Net Weight 1.96 kg
Input Power Supply Single Phase 230 V, AC 50 Hz.
Total Power Consumption 2000W
Temperature Adjustment 80 ℃ - 270 ℃
Dimensions (mm) 350 (L) X 280 (W) X 56 (H)


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