KENT Hot Pot


MRP ₹4,950.00


Now, you can make a variety of your favourite dishes using a single appliance- KENT Hot Pot Multi-Functional Instant Cooker. The multi-functional instant cooker comes with 15 pre-set functions that allow you to bake, steam, fry (with less oil), grill or roast at the touch of a button. The smart 24-hour ‘delay start’ and 12-hour ‘keep warm’ functions help you multi-task when you are running short of time.

15 Pre-set Functions
KENT Hot Pot Multi-Functional Instant Cooker’s 15 pre-set functions help you make your favourite food items with a single touch.

Cereals | Steamed Food | Fried Food | Pulao | Milk & Porridge | Soup | Rajma | Cake | Bread | Dal | Slow Cook | Pizza | Pasta | Yogurt | Rice

12 hour Keep Warm Function
Reheating food make alters taste, which is why KENT Hot Pot Multi-Functional Instant Cooker comes with a ‘Keep Warm’ function to keep food warm for as long as 12 hours.

24- Hour Delay Start
A unique feature of KENT Hot Pot is the 24-hour delay start function, which makes it easy to cook food at the designated time. Just add the ingredients, choose the ‘delay cooking’ function and adjust the time. The food will be prepared at the designated time set by the user.

Stainless Steel Housing Body
To increase the durability of the product, KENT Hot Pot Multi-Functional Instant Cooker comes with a stainless-steel housing body.

Non-Stick Inner Pot
Oily food takes a toll on your health and well-being. This is the reason why KENT Hot Pot Multi-Functional Instant Cooker comes with a non-stick inner pot that helps you prepare healthy and oil-free food.


Product Name KENT HOT POT Multi-Functional Instant Cooker
Product Code 16038
Net Weight 3.1 kg
Capacity 5 L
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220V AC, 50Hz
Power Consumption 700 W


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