KENT Electric Kettle SS


MRP ₹1,950.00


Boil Water Hygienically
Gone are the days of boiling water using a pan or going to the kitchen for just a cup of hot water or tea. Now you can do it smartly with KENT Electric Kettle SS, a handy appliance that you can keep anywhere. Whether you need to make a bowl of hot soup or a cup of tea or coffee, this is the right appliance for your home.

Superfast Boiling
Boil water faster than in microwave and safer than on a stovetop with KENT Electric Kettle SS. Thanks to the efficient performance of the 1500 W heating plate that gives you hot water in no time.

Auto Shut-Off
Safety is something that we can never compromise on. KENT Electric Kettle SS comes with an auto shut-off feature which makes the appliance safe to operate, as this feature automatically cuts-off the power once water reaches boiling temperature.

Boil Dry Protection
Switching on an empty kettle can lead to a number of accidents and it can also damage the appliance. To avoid such incidents, KENT Electric Kettle SS automatically cuts-off the power if no water is present in the kettle, thereby saving it from electrical damages.

Concealed Heating Element
The heating element with stainless steel cover is the most important part of the appliance. To keep it safe from any damage and to make sure that the water doesn’t touch the electrical parts, the heating element has been properly concealed & sealed.

Water Level Indicator
For the convenience of the users, KENT Electric Kettle SS has a water level indicator. The feature helps users to easily check the water level, so that the contents in the kettle don’t overflow or dry off.

360° Rotating Base
Designed for your convenience, the compact electric glass kettle comes with a 360-degree swivel base for easy serving and boiling of water.


Model Name KENT Electric Kettle SS
Model Number 16026
Capacity 1.8L
Net Weight 0.65kg
Max Power 1500W
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz


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