KENT Cold Pressed Juicer Plus


MRP ₹9,500.00


KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+
Introducing KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+, the world’s first horizontal model for easy cleaning. The slow pressed juicer uses a low squeezing process that helps in retaining the nutrients and original taste of the juice.

World’s First Horizontal Model
KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+ is the world’s first horizontal model juicer. The unique design makes it extremely easy to clean the juicer with ease.

Retains More Fibres and Nutrients
KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+ uses a low processing speed and as a result doesn’t generate too much heat. This helps in retaining more nutrients and fibres as compared to the conventional juicers which generate a lot of heat.

Blockage Free Operation
A great advantage of KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+ is its blockage free operation. The juicer comes with a reverse motor action that helps in clearing blockages and make it easy to use the appliance.

Prepare Healthy Milkshake
Conventional juicers are not the ideal appliance to preparing milkshake. However, with KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+, you can easily prepare yummy almond and cashew milkshake with ease.

Produces More Juice
KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+ extracts juices by crushing and pressing the fruits and vegetables. This helps in extracting more juice from the fruits and vegetables.


Product Name KENT Cold Pressed Juice+
Product Code 16022
Net Weight 4.05 kg
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220V AC, 50 Hz.
Maximum Power 150 W


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