5 Ways To Utilize RO Reject Water


5 Ways To Utilize RO Reject Water

RO water purifiers are a necessity for every home. However, most RO purifiers reject approximately 75% water during the purification process. This rejected water is free of bacteria, viruses and has only dissolved impurities, making it ideal for household chores.

KENT, as a category leader and socially responsible organization with an environmental conscience, has introduced Save Water TechnologyTM, which provides the highest recovery rate of up to 50%. The advanced technology uses a computer-controlled process to recover more purified water compared to ‘reject water’. This revolutionary technology has been awarded the UNESCO Water Digest Water Award 2017-18 for a high water recovery rate.

Here are 5 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Rejected Water when using an RO Purifier:

1. Use A Reject Water Tank
The small amount of water that is rejected from your RO can be collected in a Reject Water tank. You may choose to acquire the KENT RO Reject Water Tank, which is an optional purchase with the Kent RO and is extremely useful for collecting the ‘reject water’ that can be used in different household chores.

2. Use Reject Water For Cleaning Utensils
Cleaning utensils is a smart way to use RO reject water. Store the water in a separate tank and use it to rinse the utensils before scrubbing to reduce wastage.

3. Use Reject Water For Mopping Floors
Mopping floors require approximately 10-liters of water. Since RO reject water is clean except for dissolved impurities, it is perfect for mopping floors, instead of wasting fresh water.

4. Use Reject Water For Watering your Garden
You can use RO reject water for watering your plants inside and outside your home. This is a great way to reuse wastewater, especially in areas that face water shortage problems.

5. Use Reject Water For Car Cleaning and Air Coolers
Approximately 7 buckets of water are required to wash a car. Instead of using freshwater, store the rejected water in a separate tank and use it for washing cars. In addition, you can also use the reject water for water-based air coolers during summer.