KARAM Megapod


The Megapod is equipped with high quality, rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed the most.
KARAM Megapod is made from Aluminium hence is extremely lightweight and portable, easily set-up by just one worker and can be transported from one work area to another.
Ideal for confined space entry and emergency rescue applications. Can be used easily with all KARAM Winches and fall arrest devices eg. Blocks
Comes with Adjustable height from 1.32 m to 2.13 mfrom ground level.
Minimum & Maximum distance between the legs : 0.96m & 1.72m.
Inner & Outer Adjustment can be achieved by Sliding Telescope Legs.
Provided with a Pulley system (steel cable guiding) for fitment of Winch.
Can be used with all the Winches namely PN 801, PN 817, PN 818, Retrieval Fall Arrester Blocks PCGS 10R, PCGS 20R & PCGS 30R with the help of their specialized mounting brackets respectively.
This Megapod is provided with Megapod bag Ref. BG 62