Maha Thikthaka Gritham - 150 gms


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Maha Thiktham Gritham is a ghee based natural product. It targets the skin, bone and blood related diseases. It is a concentration made with some liquid (Drava), a mixture of herbs/drugs (Kalka) and Ghee (Sneha Dravya). The herbal mixture infuses medicinal properties into the ghee. Maha Thiktham Gritham has a long list of herbs used in making it. Being ayurvedic, all it offers are benefits and no side effects. It should be consumed for two months in small quantities to start experiencing results. One should take care and avoid consumption of oily, spicy and salty food when consuming Maha Thiktham Gritham. Long Description- Maha Thiktham Gritham is a natural ayurvedic product. It is a health tonic. With its numerous health benefits, Maha Thiktham Gritham is a must for all. Gritham means ghee (clarified butter) in Sanskrit and this is a ghee based product. It is mainly aimed is all skin, bones and blood related diseases. It is highly effective in skin diseases like boil, rashes and pus discharge. Maha Thiktham Gritham also assists in the treatment of hyperacidity, jaundice, gout, chronic fever and bleeding piles. Preparation of any medicinal ghee requires 3 basic components- a liquid (Drava), a mixture of herbs/drugs (Kalka) and Ghee (Sneha Dravya). It is then prepared by boiling the herb paste in the ghee. This is done so as the ghee can absorb all the benefits of the herbal paste and acquire medicinal properties. Now the variety in the ghee and its properties depends upon the constituents of the herbal mixture. This particular ghee requires about 30 types of drugs to achieve the final mixture. Some of them are Saptacchada (Saptaparna)- Alstonia scholaris, Prativisha (Ativisha)- Aconitum heterophyllum, Sampaka (Aragvadha)- Cassia fistula, Tiktarohini (Katuka)- Picrorhiza kurroa , Patha Cissampelos pariera, Musta Cyperus rotundus and Ushira Vetiveria zizanioides Mahatiktaka Ghrita is used in treating many diseases like Amlapitta (Dyspepsia), Pandu Roga (Anaemia), Raktapitta (Bleeding disorder), Visarpa (Erysipelas), Kushtha (Diseases of skin), Arsha (Haemorrhoids), Raktarsha (Bleeding haemorrhoids), Vatarakta (Gout), Visphota (Blister), Pama (Eczema), Pidaka (Carbuncle), Menorrhagia or Metrorrhagia or both, Gandamala (Cervical lymphadenitis). This is supposed to be taken in small quantities of 6-12 grams, twice a day or as suggested by an ayurvedic doctor. For better and quicker effects consume with warm water for 2 months. During the consumption of this herbal ghee avoid salt, chilli, oil, sour food items.


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