Aarogya Herbal Tea - 100 gms


MRP ₹625.00


Aarogya tea by Kairali is power packed herbal Tea. This herbal tea has so many benefits that anyone would replace their traditional beverage of choice with this healthier and lighter herbal drink. The best thing about this tea is that it not only offers medicinal benefits but it also helps you relax. It is an herbal drink, made with a perfect blend of minerals, spices, and herbs. The tea is entirely free of any side effects as it is made with freshly procured best, quality natural ingredients. So, just sit back and relax with a cup of Aarogya Tea and let your mind, body, and soul benefit. Highlights: Keeps body warm during winters Ginger & pepper elements to cure seasonal ailments and build immunity Effective digestive stimulator and increases body metabolism Improves respiratory function Cinnamon extracts for freshness & help reduce nausea Protection against seasonal fever, cough & cold Relieves stress and strain Helps with digestion and heartburn Improves blood circulation Maintains vitality Key ingredient: Sunthi/Pippali | Anise The main ingredients of Aarogya tea; ginger and black pepper help in digestion process and keeps the body warm during winter season.


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