Jiwan Books International Pvt. Ltd.


Jiwan Books International (P) Ltd., is a generation old company that has strongly established itself as Publishers, Printers, Distributors and Exporters, since 1992. The company has pioneered in developing and publishing quality educational material, strictly based on prescribed educational guidelines.

Ever since its inception, the company has catered to all levels of students for all subjects and has a sizeable number of titles as on date. The sales network of the company moves way beyond the confines of the subcontinent and is proud to report high end sales from all quarters.
An Adaptive Approach
Along with the moral and ideals of our Isatis, the company has always carried an adaptive approach to the needs of the society and the market. The process of digitization of all
content is underway with most of it already on the rolls. The interactive modules coming with the educational packages now include the content appropriate for Star
Board viewing as well as that for CD viewing, or for an interactive session on the computer.

Joining Hands With The Facilitators
The company has always thrived on the policy of satisfaction for its users, especially the teaching faculty. With the hand holding at support@jiwanbooks.in, we proudly call urselves the Partners in Modern Education. Year 2013 also holds added importance and weightage in the history of Jiwan Books as it marks the launch of the Reach The Teacher Programme. A programme designed specifically for the support of the teaching faculty and to cater to their day to day issues. Successfully conducted under the progamme are workshops at several reputed schools.

Awards and Accolades for Jiwan Books
Century Era Award and International World Quality Commitment Award, 2001, Paris
Quality Brands India Award, 2013-15
Rashtriya Udyog Ratan Award
The Future
In its efforts to reach the masses, the company is committed to provide the best services in the field of print and digital media. With a dedicated office staff and production team,
and a zealous sales team, the company endeavors to provide for the widest range of customers.