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In 1980, few of the Alumnus of IIT-Kanpur decided to form the Alumni Association IIT-Kanpur ? Delhi Chapter. A newspaper advertisement was released and 35 members responded to that. A small get together was arranged in the Guest House of Samtel India Ltd. (a unit of Mr. Satish Kaura) at 47, Nav Jeevan Vihar, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. A brain-storming session was held in this meeting to work out the constitution and programmes of Delhi Chapter. After a lot of deliberation it was decided to form a General Council which will consist of at least one member from each batch graduated from IIT-Kanpur. The General Council will elect the Executive Committee consisting of various office bearers of the Association. It was also suggested that the Chapter should have at least four get-together in a year, i.e. one in each quarter. Two get-together on Lunch or evening Chaat Party, while other two will be talk by some eminent personality or by our own members, who has achieved some distinction. While the first two get-together were family get-together, the other two were restricted to members and their spouses.

It was also proposed that the General Council will meet once in a quarter to decide on the programme of the Chapter and the responsibility for executing the same will be with the Executive Committee. The annual subscription was decided as Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) and life membership at Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand only). Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhry was elected as the President of the Chapter, was requested to draft a Bylaws of the Chapter and open a bank account to be operated jointly by any three of the Office Bearers, i.e., President, Secretary & Treasurer. The first Directory of Members of Delhi Chapter consisting of only 48 members was published in the year 1981. The membership number slowly increased over a period of time and the last members directory which was published in March 2000, the number was 581.

Today, it has a membership of over 750 persons. Over a period of time, the Chapter could not maintain all the four events in the quarters. However, it as able to maintain two family get together i.e., a lunch in the month of January on Sunday falling after 26th January 2015 and a Chaat Party on last Saturday of April, which have now been re-scheduled to first Saturday of May (because of clash in the date with an event in the IIT- Delhi).

Five years back we started another activity in the month of July i.e., a get-together with the batch joining IIT-Kanpur from NCR area. We could maintain this activity for two years, as getting the list of students from IIT-Kanpur was an issue. Thus, we could not continue this activity, however, now we have been assured by the new Management at IIT-Kanpur that this list will be made available to us in time. We hope this activity will start again next year onward. This year, the Chapter also arranged a felicitation function to honor eight of our alumnus who achieved the highest post in bureaucracy ? Secretaries to various Ministries in Government of India. The function was very well attended.

In order to have better interaction with the new generation, the website of the Delhi Chapter has been launched along with the Facebook / Linkedin pages. We hope this will not only increase the membership of the Chapter but also interaction among members, thus make the Chapter very vibrant. At present, the annual subscription is Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) and a life membership is Rs. 7,500/- (Rupees Seven Thousand Five Hundred only).

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