Gravity Selector Cum Destoner


De-stoner is used for removal of heavy foreign contaminants like stones, metallic and glass pieces, mud balls etc. from grains and seeds of all crops. It works on the principle of vacuum negative pressure. It also separates the lightweight particles and impurities if any by air suction. It also classifies the materials. The de-stoner is suitable for all types of grains like wheat, Rice, Sesame Seeds, Barley, maize etc. It can also be used for nuts.

Key Features:

Oscillating Housing with Exhaust Hood and Acrylic view-ports
Fluidized deck with Self-Cleaning System
Deck Inclination Adjustment with inbuilt jack.
Valve for Suction Adjustment.


Capacity 3000 kg
Power 4.75 Kw
Dimension of Sieves 1260×1800 mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 2200×1200×1600 mm
Weight 600 kg