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Industry is changing rapidly due to technological advances and macroeconomic changes. The current paradigm is that of Industry 4.0 which is changing the workplace through trends such as Automation, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Business Analytics. These changes will impact the employability and career prospects of engineering graduates.

The MindMatrix Program covers a broader set of new technologies and courses, that are delivered through a platform based model and helps engineering students to build and be assessed on competencies required by the industry including:
• Business Analytics
• Cloud Computing
• Green Automobiles
• Internet of Things
• Renewable Energy
• Smart Cities

As a part of this program, students get access to the technological advancements, industry priorities, domain knowledge and best practices that the industries follow. Moreover, through the program, students develop a wide range of supporting skills such as critical thinking, team work, analytical reasoning, and research.

The MindMatrix platform is currently built for Android devices – both mobiles and tablets. It gives students the convenience of learning from any location. The platform supports a number of features. The platform is powered by analytics and artificial intelligence to capture usage data of the students and create customized learning paths.

Each MindMatrix program delivers 200 hours of assisted learning, spread over 8 semesters - 25 hours per semester. The MindMatrix program offers a unique learning experience for the students. The key highlights of the program are as follows:
• Industry-aligned curriculum design and course material
• Interactive online classroom sessions and webinars by industry experts
• Patent pending methodology for continuous engagement and assessment of the students
• Near real-life projects from the industry
• Collaborative learning with peers , seniors and industry experts
• 24x7 access to the learning platform

The MindMatrix Program is priced affordably at INR 2500 per student per year including taxes. There are several commercial plans available for the institution based on the number of students enrolling into the program. MindMatrix proposes a partnership with the Institution to rollout out the program to the students. 

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