Pneumatic Type F.fs Packing Machines


Automatic Form Fill Seal Machine (Pneumatic Type) With Cup Filler is used for packing of granular, powder, liquids and free flowing products in a wide range of consumer packs (Small sizes) with volumetric cup based system in center sealed/ three side sealed/ four side sealed pouches, ensuring high speed and production rate with less change-over time. Application AAll products as sugar, coffee, tea, namkeen, snacks, dry fruits, nuts, rice, cereals, corn flakes, cashew nuts, pulses, candy, spices, milk powder, detergent powder, pesticides.


Item Code brpl04b
SEALING TYPES 3 Side Seal, 4 Side Seal & Center Sealing
PACKAGING SIZE (Length) 50 to 350 mm. (Film Width) 75 to 400 mm.
PACKING SPEED 15 to 60 Pouches / Minutes. (Depending upon the Size)
PACKAGING RANGE 10 gms. to 500 gms.
PACKING MATERIAL Any heat sealable Laminated Films
MOTOR 1/2HR, 220V AC. 50Hz.. Single Phase.
HEATER LOAD 4 Side Seal 3 Side & Center Seal (450x4Nos.) (150x2 Nos. 450x4 Nos.)
DIMENSIONS / Wt. L : 1000, W : 1000, H :2300 (mm) / 600 Kgs.