Flow Wrap Machine


Applications : For Packing of products like Disposable Syringes, Biscuits, Stick Ice Cream, Cakes, Scrub Pads, Auto Parts, Oil Seals, Electrical Switches, Adhesive Tubes, Face Cream Tubes, Tooth Brush, Razor, Resin Pouches, Soap Bars etc. Salient Features: Compact, advanced, & robust structure ensuring less maintenance and easy commissioning. Appropriate models existing for products of varied length / width / height. Air tight pouches. Adjustable former unit; adaptable to various film width / pouch width. Photo electric mark registration system for precision pouch cutting and sealing. Additional film can simultaneously be operated for integrating with main laminated film (in custom built model). PLC Based machines also available (for Special Order)


Mechanism Electro-Mechanical
Pouch Size Length : 80mm to 320mm Appx. Width : 25mm to 120mm Appx.
Sealing Center Seal
Packing Material Laminated polyester film Laminated metallized polyester film B.O.P.P. / laminated B.O.P.P. Film
Temperature Controller Digital or Blind (as per Customer requirement)
Contact Parts SS 202
Power Supply 1HP, 220V, Single Phase, 50hz
Machine Weight 500 kgs. Appx.