Edible Oil Packing Machine


Edible Oil Packing MachineEdible oil packing machine has been fabricated for packing Edible Oil in precise pouches produced using heat sealable L.D.P.E/L.L.D.P.E film. Every edible oil packing machine has Electro-Mechanical drive as well as electro-Pneumatic drive. Salient Features: Compact, Automatic, and Robust Machine. Smooth operation and low maintenance. Entire contact parts are produced using food grade stainless steel. Fast changeover of filing volume and pouch size. Photoelectric mark registration system for accurate cutting, sealing and cutting of pouches.


Drive Electro-Mechanical
Packing Capacity 100 ml to 1 Ltr.
Packing Film L.D.P.E. / L.L.D.P.E. film of 330mm width & 80 to 120 micron thickness L.D.P.E. + H.D.P.E. (mixed) film of 330mm width & 80 to 120 micron thickness
Pouch Type Centre seal
Temperature Controller Digital or Blind (as per Customer requirement)
Contact Parts SS 202
Power 415V + 5V;30
Machine Weight 450 kgs. Appx.