EW Series Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines


Approx Price: Rs 1.3 Lakh / Piece


We are one of the trusted companies of EW series Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine. Our products are enormously admired in the market owing to their top features.

Key Features

Multiple Protection Circuits: Cibtrary to conventional design, our machines are of robust design and durable for high output and heavy load, especially suitable for the area with the unsteady power supply. The circuits will not be damaged even in machine failute such as a mishandling of the machine or defect of the welding horn.

Heavy duty peneumatic driving system: Equipped with high speed solenoid for operating pressure ranging 0 to 9, special design cylinder floating connector, speed regulation value with scale for a wide range of working pressures for a perfect power driving.

Easy dial of sonic adjustment: Unit is equipped with standard new dial for sonic adjustment evey operator can set the sonic adustment by making niddle into red zone, without special skill.

Digital presenting of working conditions: Digital presenting of three sets of 1/100 sec. Precision times, adjustment of down stroke speed, steps of output, air pressure, parts counter, percentage of load, welding position, micro adjustment of the lowest position etc. The working conditions can be easily present as desired.

Easy & Heavy adjustment tools: Equipped with a spherical transducer base for easy horizontal adjustment. It equipped with an additional adjustment free horizontal ring, it is suitable for tool adjustment of work pieces not requiring horizontal condition. The bed is of a T-slot design for fast tool change and convenient tool adjustment with body pillar of 100mm dia.


Output Curren t (Ampere) 0-100
Capacity (products per hours) 100 to 1000