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From ancient times, Hills of Shimla held fascination for the people from the plains nearby or far away lands, from the Mughals to the mighty British Empire who by the beginning of the 19th Century the British decided to make it their Summer Capital of their Empire in India. Over the years, unbridled development, over population and unplanned urbanisation has taken over the charming Hill station of the Victorian Era. Shimla remains in the fond memories of a generation that spent seasons in the lap of nature, amidst apple orchards, wispy clouds playing hide and seek amidst pine trees under a skyful of stars

With an impressive façade, the clubhouse will be the nerve centre for all social and cultural activities. A user-friendly design, cheerful ambience, aesthetics that are reminders of a mountainscape and top-notch facilities will ensure that residents are inspired to spend quality time here. Here you can have breakfast by the bay window with the view of the mountains in the north and enjoy the scapes of the south with a drink in hand, from the bar.

Whether you are on the look out for daily supplies or impulse shopping for souvenirs. Whether it’s the soft woollen Himachali shawl or an extravagant silver necklace to wear over weekend dinner with visiting guests, the marquee high street will not disappoint you. Rising up from the town centre, the high street at Amila is a spectacle in grandeur by itself. Multi tiered extravaganza that packs a breathtaking retail experience like no other, The high street will play host to quaint bakeries, confectionaires, al fresco restaurants, crafts shops, luxury brand showrooms, personal care salons and all creature comforts modern city slickers are accustomed to. No mall in any metro in any part of the world can hold a candle to this

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