APM-202CU is a rack mounting switcher / control unit which works with APM-201RM and upto 2 amplifiers to form a 6 zone zonal paging system with multi level priority and switchable background music.
6 Zone Switcher / Paging Control Unit for use with APM-201RM.
6 Zone Selector switches, plus ALL CALL switch.
Provision for two 100V input signals, one for speech and one for background music.
Priority of speech over background music.
Provision for routing background music source to selected zones.
Provision to make announcements from the control unit.
Status monitoring of all zones.
Provision for emergency trigger input and alarm input with highest priority.
Standard 19” rack mounting chassis.


Switching Signal Level 100V (Nominal)
Inputs (Nominal) 3 x APM-201RM (1V/10k balanced), 1 x Mic (1mV/4.7k), Speech Amp (100V), Music Amp (100V), Alarm (100mV).
Switches 6 Zone Selector switches, All Call, Chime, Reset, Music/Call Selector, Power ON/OFF.
Controls Mic Level, Chime level, Alarm level
Power Supply AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz; DC 24V (2 x 12V Car Battery)
Dimensions W483 × H75 × D300
Weight 4.8kg